Macaroni Studios believes that the world is filled with creative people and great game ideas.

We are a catalyst that brings unrealized game ideas to life.

What We Do

We are a game development and consulting studio based in Karlskrona, Sweden.


We are always eager to try out our knowledge and learn new things, and doing consultant work is a way for us to do just that while getting our company up and running. We love to work with digitalization, visualization, gamification and app creation, to name a few.
We have knowledge in most areas of software development, meaning everything from nice graphics and intuitive interactions, to machine learning and Cuda, to servers and all the hidden stuff you never see but always expect to work. As game developers, we are also experts in real-time applications. If you are curious about what exactly we can do, here is a list of languages, softwares and areas we have experience in:

React · Java · C/C++ · Python · OpenGL · JavaScript · Cuda · Lua · C# · ASP.NET · HTML · CSS · PHP · MySQL · MATLAB.

Gatsby · PWA · Godot · Unity · Docker · CMake · GIT · Jenkins · Bash · Apache · Android · Oracle DB

Scrum · Machine Learning · CI · Testing · Optimization · Linux · Multithreading · Reverse Enginerring · Game Engine Architecture · Data-Oriented Programming

If you want to know more, just send us an email at info[at]

Game Development

We are building a web platform for free web games. Playing games has never been easier.

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Who We Are

Fritjof Cavallin

MSE in Game and Software Engineering

CEO & Founder

"My main area is gameplay and general programming. I also work a lot with management and public interactions."

Mikael Hernvall

MSE in Game and Software Engineering

CTO & Founder

“I am the behind-the-scenes server rat that connects the wires. My focus lies in backend programming and technical infrastructure.”

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