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Web Development

We use the latest technologies on web technology to ensure the website provides the best experience no matter the device, loads quickly and is secure.

We have full-stack knowledge and know everything from front-end design to databases to automated testing and continuous integration.












Everyone nowadays has a mobile phone, which makes an app one of the best ways to communicate with your audience and customers.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are being pushed by Google and Microsoft, and we can help you build or convert you website using this technology. Our project gotm.io is such a website.








Games are a great way to get your target audience's attention and they can be used almost everywhere to enhance your business.

Whether you need a game that teaches kids about garbage sorting or a demo project in VR to showcase on expos, we can make it for you.

Need something quick? Each of these games were made in 40 hours.








Fritjof Cavallin

CEO & Founder

Mostly frontend web programming. Backend stuff every now and then. Also business manager & project manager
MSE in Game and Software Engineering.

Mikael Hernvall

CTO & Founder

Backend programming, dev-ops, infrastructure and general full-stack development.
MSE in Game and Software Engineering.

Oliver Glandberger

Software developer

Newest team member. Previously backend but moving towards full-stack developer.
MSE in Game and Software Engineering.


gotm.io (in-house)

Gotm is a free game hosting website that uses Progressive Web App (PWA) technology. The games can be played directly in the browser and since it is a PWA the website can be installed on any device as if it was an app.

Developers using the open source game engine Godot can test their games in our web player if they want and then upload for free to gotm.io through our custom developer dashboard. Because the games run in the browser a simple link is enough try the game on any device, without having to install anything.

Check out the project roadmap and devblog.

Garbage Sorting Game (GSG)

The goal in GSG is to sort out which things are food waste and which ones are not. The player does this by moving in front of a green screen so that a (normal) web camera can get only the player "into" the game.

The game was made in collaboration with All Binary, Matador Kommunikation for Uppsala Vatten. All Binary was product owner, Matador made all graphical material and we provided gameplay.

The chroma filtering and collision detection was made from scratch by us using JavaScript. The game itself was made in Godot.

Here is a video of the game in action during end phases of development.

Who we have worked with

Student Projects

Recording Rendering API Commands for Instant Replay: A Runtime Overhead Comparison to Real-Time Video Encoding

Jan-Jun 2020, Marcus Holmberg , Blekinge Institute of Technology

He implemented a generic system for recording the opengl commands from any Godot game and then being able to replay them and produce a video of the game being played. The implemented solution was then compared against doing regular screen/output recording. You can read about and download the full thesis here.

Looking for a place to do your thesis? Contact us and we will figure something out that is both fun and interesting for you as well as useful to us.


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